Joe Santagato

Anonymous said: Why is Ricky Dillion such a douche

He’s not. He’s actually a really nice kid.

jackiie-vanity said: I totally agree with you some girls are over here blaming their kids come in now. I have a 4 year old and have a minimum wage job do I like it? Fuck no but when I got laid off I took it cuz it's the only thing I could find. I work 13 hours sometimes even Saturdays if I have to. There's always a way and being a prostitute isn't one of them.


Anonymous said: Okay, I don't care if you think that's demeaning or whatever. What's baffling is when you bash these types of women when all your likes on tumblr are girls who have their "tits out". What's the difference between a girl sucking dick for money and a girl who shows her breasts to get a man's attention, which clearly, she has yours. You're already demeaning women for doing whatever the hell they want with their body, when you clearly have no business of it. C'mon don't be a hypocrite as well.

Are you telling me that nude modeling is the same as prostitution? Is that what you’re implying? Please take a seat. Come back when you’ve thought about this further.

New York. 1968.

Okay I’m done.

Clearly my views are different from some of yours & that’s okay. Dignity & Pride are all you have. When you’re faced with adversity then you show people your true character & show them how you fight through it. In my opinion, prostitution is laying down & quitting. But that’s just me. Goodnight.

Anonymous said: "random dirty dick on the street" - What are you talking about? She used a condom! Why do you think it was even on the street?

Yo to all of you fighting me on this… Let me know if you’d actually go out and suck a random dudes dick with a condom on for money. You don’t have to be attracted to him, like him, know his name, your only job is to suck his dick. Would you do it? If not, then you sound crazy defending something you don’t even believe in. If you don’t think it’s morally right for you to do it, then why you trying to convince me it’s okay for other people to? I’ll wait.

Anonymous said: No you're closed minded because you judge people for not liking the kardashians even though it's pathetic how we made celebrities out of people who so absolutely nothing. And because I don't condone prostitution doesn't mean I don't understand why some people do it. It's not that easy for someone to just go back to school & work minimum wage. It's not easy if you have kids and no money for a babysitter to watch them as you work or go to school. Fuck I'm just unfollowing you in everything

1. Didn’t judge people about the Kardashians. I said people love to hate the Kardashians. It’s become a trend. Do I think they’re “talented” ? Not really but you know what.. They had a bunch of fame fall into their lap and they capitalized on it to the fullest so they’re all rich forever. There’s something to be said for that. I don’t “like” the Kardashians either but I don’t hate on them or think they’re bad people.
***Side note: Everyone wanna get mad at Kim K for getting famous from having sex with her boyfriend on video. Lots of people do that. Don’t be salty bc the world made her famous from it. Taylor Swift had like 15 famous boyfriends and I’m sure she sucked all their dicks but no one saying shit about that.

2. If you’re not forced into prostitution, you shouldn’t be doing it. You’re talking about specific circumstances. I’m talking about this girl who went on Tumblr to brag about it like she figured out the key to life.

3. When I was in school, I went to a community college and managed to pay for it with a minimum wage job. If you have a kid, then maybe you gotta get a night job. People do that all the time. That’s amazing. They don’t quit on their own lives and their kids life by sucking random dirty dick on the street for money. The fact that you’re fighting me on that is baffling.

With all that being said, I don’t want your dumbass following me anymore anyway. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.




Anonymous said: I'm not saying you're wrong. Some women who do have the chance to go to school and get a proper education turn to prostitution for quick money, and that's not right. But women in other countries are also forced into prostitution, and that's when they really have no choice.

That’s differently obviously!! That’s not even what we’re talking about. This girl posted a pic of condoms, money, and whatever else bragging about sucking dick for money. There’s women who are forced into prostitution all over the world & they’re traumatized by it bc it is a horrible disgusting thing.. And then we got people over here bragging about it?! Something’s wrong.