Joe Santagato

Anonymous said: How can you say #fucksampepper when you're retweeting and jerking off to guys grabbing girls asses

Cause I don’t rape girls or grab their asses without their consent.. That’s why.

Football Sunday’s

Anonymous said: Joe why hasn't there been a new podcast in like a month? I loved listening to them

They’ve been coming out every Thursday . Lol

Anonymous said: Do u find it disgusting when guys smoke or are u just sexist

Cigarette smoke is gross to me. Doesn’t matter who does it.

Anonymous said: I wanna saturate and marinate in your cum

Yeah that’s disgusting

Anonymous said: Did you think any of the girls at PressPlay yesterday were attractive?

…they were 16 so no lmao

Anonymous said: In ur opinion do you think its ugly when girls physically fight.?

That shit is so ugly. Almost as ugly as a girl smoking cigarettes.