Joe Santagato

Anonymous said: what do you think of girls that have sex on a first date?

If the mood & connection is right then why not? lol

Anonymous said: Just so you know, you're my motivation to keep doing my squats haha

Thats kinda cool


Anonymous said: Do you have standards? Or would you date any girl?

This question is absurd.

Anonymous said: I appreciate, that you appreciate booty

Gotta appreciate the booty

Anonymous said: Are you circumcised? I'm asking for a legit report for my anatomy class.



Tianna Gregory [x]

Anonymous said: You should visit Canada :)

I’ve been meaning to do that. Maybe in Feb & in the summer.

Anonymous said: What's the best way to get your attention out in public?

Tits out for the boys

Anonymous said: when was the last time you masturbated?

Idk but I think I might later

Anonymous said: Which celebrity to you find the most influential?

Louis CK