Joe Santagato

I woke up like dis
Prob a ton of sperm in there

Anonymous said: What is one talent that you wish that you had?

I WISH I COULD SING SO BAD. It would be over. I’d be rich already. I would sing non stop. Serenade women all over the world.

Anonymous said: Have you actually only hooked up with 2 girls wtf

Uh fine I lied, it was one 😖

I hate to sound like a stereotypical white girl but this is me. My mom always tells me that I always look like I’m in deep thought and that I don’t answer her sometimes lmao

Anonymous said: how many people have you hooked up with?

2. One was while playing spin the bottle though. I’m just a hug whore ya know?

Holy hands

Anonymous said: Where are you now?

As I’m swimming through the stereo,
I’m writing you a symphony of sound.


by e

The source of this pic is: handjob. That sucks.